Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Final Travel Preparations for Leiden

Traveling to Leiden

As many of you are preparing for your first visit to Leiden, a few tips and suggestions might be helpful to ensure a successful trip.
Items to be sure to pack!

  1. Passport
  2. Light overcoat and umbrella
  3. Plug Adapter for your cell phone or laptop (220v ac)
  4. Camera with extra batteries


The currency of the Netherlands is the Euro. Money can be converted at the Airport at a variety of locations. ATM machines are also widely available and often provide the best exchange rate. While credit cards are widely accepted, cash is best for smaller transactions.

Arrival at Schiphol Airport

Upon arrival you will first clear Passport Control before claiming your luggage. After retrieving your luggage proceed to the International Arrival Hall. The most economical and easiest method of travel to Leiden will be by train. The train platforms can be found in the center of the Plaza. Tickets for the train can be purchased from the ticket agent, purchases made from the machine must be made with coin or European Bank Card. The current cost of a Second Class, One-Way Ticket is €5.60. Trains to Leiden do depart frequently from Platforms 5/6. Depending on the train you choose, you will either have a direct connection or it will be the third stop. Diagram map of the airport –

Taxis are also readily available at a cost of approximately €40.00

Arrival at Leiden Centraal

From the train station Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) is clearly visible. If you are headed directly to the IAMSE Meeting, continue to the Medical Education Building. You will find the registration desk on the ground floor. Please see the picture above to help identify the correct building.

For attendees staying at either the Golden Tulip or Tulip Inn; proceed in the opposite direction of LUMC towards the city center. As you exit the train station, walk left as the hotels are located across the street beyond the taxi stand.

For attendees staying at any other hotel; proceed in the opposite direction of LUMC towards the city center. As you exit the train station, walk left to the Taxi stand. For those staying at the Holiday Inn, there is a hotel shuttle; however it is advised that you first take the taxi to become familiar with pick-up and drop-off points. The Holiday Inn shuttle schedule –

In the center of the train station you will also find an Information Booth with individuals who can assist you in finding your destination.

Cell Phones

It is suggested that you contact your Cell Phone provider prior to leaving. Many have special International Calling plans that can be turned on for short durations saving you money. Others have no international support. It is better to know this before you travel than after!

Emergency Phone Number

Cell Phone – Julie Hewett +1 304 412 1834

Registration Desk

The registration desk will be open beginning at 8:00 am on Monday morning, June 29, 2009; please feel free to pick up your meeting materials at anytime!

Program Syllabus

The final program syllabus has been posted to the conference website for your reference. A copy will also be included with your registration materials.

Safe travels to Leiden!!

Julie K. Hewett, CMP
IAMSE Association Manager

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